Choosing a Hawaiian Island

Since I grew up in Hawaii and now live on the mainland, people often ask me questions when planning a trip there.  Which island should they visit?  What should they do?  Hopefully, the individual reviews (click the link for each island’s name) will answer many questions and help people decide for themselves.  My ebooks are full of photos to give people an idea of what each island looks like.  Since population says a lot about an area, I’ve included population numbers from the 2010 census.


The Big Island (population 185,079)

Vast open spaces, lots of driving distance between sights and beaches, uncrowded, known for Hawaii Volcanoes National Park (which has an active volcano), and black and green sand beaches.   There are some beautiful resorts in the Waikoloa area on the northwest side of the island.  Parts of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull were filmed in the jungle areas near Hilo.


Maui (population 154,834)

Multiple good snorkeling sites on the western side; beaches aren’t that far apart.  Known for Haleakala National Park, and the very tropical and winding road to Hana.  There are some beautiful resorts in the northwest part of the island around Kapalua, and in the southwest part of the island around Wailea.  Photos of the many snorkel sites are included in my ebook below:


Oahu (population 953,207)

This is a big city on an island, with all the pros and cons of a big city:  heavy traffic, but lots of great restaurants and shopping, with the best prices of all the islands.  Known for the big surf on the North shore in the winter, and Waikiki with its view of the recognizable Diamond Head landmark.  Hawaii Five-O is filmed here, as was Lost and Magnum P.I.  Check out my amazon Oahu ebook below:


Kauai (population 67,091)

The most uncrowded of the major islands, there is only one major road circling the island.  If you’re looking for peace and quiet and to get away from it all, Kauai is a good choice.  To me, the Na Pali is one of the most beautiful places in the world, but I don’t believe most people have even heard of it!  There are some beautiful resorts in the Princeville area on the northern part of the island.  Parts of the movie Jurassic Park were filmed here.