Park City, Utah

Mountain steepness for a once-a-year, barely intermediate skier:  A

On-mountain food:  NA (didn’t eat there)

Lack of Crowds: C


Park City, east of Salt Lake City, is the antithesis to Powder Mountain; money has been invested in the equipment and it’s the only place I’ve ever ridden a high-speed, 6-person lift.  There are also crowds here that I’ve never seen at any other ski resort.  They actually had a line with ropes to funnel people through to the main lift, just like at Disney World!  On my first ride on a 6-person lift, the other party sitting with us brought the metal bar down, which I was not accustomed to, and it smacked me in the knee.  Ouch!  It’s not fun riding with strangers who hurt you!

The green runs here are gentle, but Park City gets quite crowded at times, and the main green runs down can become quite congested.  When we got off these main thoroughfares, we did find less crowded, more pleasant skiing.

We had a hard time getting to Park City, because it was like driving through a city, with stoplights, getting there.  There were many times we thought we couldn’t possibly be headed the right way.  Contrast that to Alta, Brighton, or Powder Mountain, where there’s only one road heading up, and you can’t miss the resort if you stay on that road.

We were also confused about parking at Park City and where to pay for lift tickets.  This may have changed since we’ve been there, but we ended up parking, getting on a lift without a lift ticket, and then skiing down to another area where we did buy full lift tickets.  The whole resort struck me as confusing at the time, and while it may be a favorite for some, it did not make our “A list.”

A visit to downtown Salt Lake City is definitely worthwhile.  The Salt Lake Temple is beautiful from an architectural standpoint, and very impressive if you’ve never seen anything like it and grew up in a small town, like my son.   We went on the free tour, and also went inside the Salt Lake Tabernacle, which houses the magnificent pipe organ that accompanies the famous Mormon Tabernacle Choir.

Tracy Aviary, a little south of downtown, may be of interest if you have younger children.  Over 400 birds from around the world can be seen here.  Kids can learn about the birds through educational programs or feed them.

Other activities that are unique to Salt Lake are the Utah Olympic Park and an Olympic-sized ice skating rink.  Since my ice skating is about as good as my skiing, I don’t know that I’d ever take the time to do that again, but at least I can say I ice skated where some Olympians did!