Snowbird, Utah

Mountain steepness for a once-a-year, barely intermediate skier:  C

On-mountain food:  NA

Lack of Crowds: A


Snowbird, south of Salt Lake City, is revered by skiers and snowboarders who love steep runs, but is not the place for a barely intermediate skier like me.   You can actually see the Big Emma run from the road as you drive by, and it looks pretty steep to me, yet it’s considered a green run!

But because my son wanted to try snowboarding one year, we did spend a day here, with him enrolled in the snowboard school for kids, and I attempted to ski on the lower right side of the mountain with the Baby Thunder Lift.  Even that was too steep for me, and we should’ve just driven down the road back to Alta’a more gentler runs, but I wanted to say I’d skied Snowbird once.

The ambience at Snowbird is one of wealth and affluence.  This is in total contrast to Alta, down the road, which has a laid back, unpretentious feel.   Snowbird has high-speed lifts and an aerial tram, Alta has some old, metal, two-seater chairs.  They say people love or hate Alta, so maybe if you’re an Alta type, you might not care for Snowbird.  As you might guess, I’m an Alta type.

I don’t recommend Snowbird to families unless they’re all confident intermediate level or higher skiers.  A combination Alta-Snowbird ticket is available, for those who wish to crossover and ski both mountains.  A combo ticket would allow the better skiers to ski Snowbird, join the beginners over at Alta for lunch, then head back to Snowbird.  It would be the best of both worlds!